How to reload Nginx service in Debian & Ubuntu?

Posted by I. B. Gd Pramana A. Putra, 03 Mar 23, last updated 03 Mar 23

If you're running a website or application on Nginx in Ubuntu, you may need to reload the service from time to time to apply changes to the configuration files. It's super easy and won't take long at all.

Once you have the terminal open, type in the following command to reload the Nginx service.

sudo systemctl reload nginx

And that's it! The Nginx service will now reload, and any changes made to the configuration files will be applied.

If you make any changes to the configuration files and want to see if they were applied correctly, you can always check the Nginx logs for errors. They are usually located in the /var/log/nginx directory.

Reloading the Nginx service in Ubuntu is a simple process that can be done with just one command. However, there is another way to make Nginx load a new configuration by restarting the Nginx service.

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