Get a random number with JavaScript Lodash

Posted by I. B. Gd Pramana A. Putra, 18 Aug 22, last updated 18 Aug 22

Lodash has a convenient way to generate a random number, here's how you can get a random number with JavaScript Lodash:

const result = _.random(1, 100);


The output could be any number from 1 - 100.

Quick guide:

_.random(0, 5);
// => an integer between 0 and 5
// => also an integer between 0 and 5
_.random(5, true);
// => a floating-point number between 0 and 5
_.random(1.2, 5.2);
// => a floating-point number between 1.2 and 5.2

Reference: Lodash Docs

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