A better way to be a developer

There has to be a way to become a better developer, join kodekativ.co and share your knowledge to fellow developers in many format that you ever wished.

Why you should join?

There are many perks and benefits that we can give you for 'why you should join us', but let us be humble enough to give you only three and let you the find others in your journey.

You own your contents

No one else own your content but you. You are free to republish them somewhere else, or republish them here. You own the right of your contents and the responsibility.

Share your knowledge in many formats

No confusion between a tutorial, a question, an article, a discussion, etc where those formats are `tags. Here, you can share your knowledge in their format and tag them with correct tags.

Receive donations from your reader

In your content view, on the right sidebar, on the bottom of the content detail, there are 'support me' section, each contain links to your donations via buymeacoffee, ko-fi, paypal, etc.