How Programming Languages Got Their Name: Part 2: Bash, SQL, C, Go, Scala

Posted by I. B. Gd Pramana A. Putra, 22 Jul 22, last updated 27 Jul 22

Let's continue from part 1 where we talked about how Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, Kotlin & Swift programming languages got their names.

In this part we'll uncover how languages like Bash, SQL, C, GO and Scala got their names.


bash programming language

Bash is a shell command language in Unix ecosystem. If you ever used any Linux distro such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and others, then there's a high chance that you ever used Bash.

Bash actually an acronym from Bourne-again - Shell, it is named after creator Stephen Bourne being "born again". Bash is also a verb meaning "to strike with a heavy blow", possibly came from Danish word of "baske" meaning "to strike".

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contoh kode sql

A programming language that's never got away from Database Administrator, Web Developer, Mobile Apps Developer and Full-stack Developer.

This language is pronounced as "SEQUEL" and stands for "Structured English Query Language". In latin it could be derived from word "Sequela" with a meaning "to follow".

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contoh kode c

C is the ancestor of C++, C# and Java. Those programming languages are inspired from C. However, C also has ancestor, and that's is a "B" language. It's called "C" because "C" came after "B". It's as simple as that.

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contoh bahasa go

Go or Golang is one of the most popular programming language nowadays. Initially developed by Google engineers, it then released to the public nearly ten years ago.

For the name itself, the Google's engineer who made it, named the language with "Go". "Go" was chosen because it's "short and easy to type". The word "Go" itself has meaning of "To go, or to travel".

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bahasa pemrograman scala

Scala is a programming language used by Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn and AirBnB for their infrastructure tool. It's heavily inspired from Java.

"Scala" is a combination of "Scalable" and "Language". "Scala" is also an Italian word of "Stairway", this Italian words is also the intention of the language to ascend users to a better language.

Many programmers told me that Scala is the perfection that Java never had.

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Next we will uncover how languages like TypeScript, Rust, Elixir, R and Clojure got their names. Stay tune!

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