3 Best & Open Source Alternatives to Figma

Posted by I. B. Gd Pramana A. Putra, 03 Oct 22, last updated 03 Oct 22

Figma is undoubtedly one of the best applications for designing rich user interfaces and other 2d graphics, however, recent news said Adobe acquired Figma has led most Figma users to be concerned about the platform.

For those who are looking for Figma alternatives, we have a list of the best options to replace Figma that are open source and free to use.


Penpot - Best Alternative to Figma

Penpot is the first design and prototype cross-platform that is open source and yet already becoming the best alternative to Figma (in my opinion). For those who are using Figma to collaborate with team when designing, Penpot allows you to do the same, for free.

Penpot Advantages over Figma

  • It's open source
  • Very similar to Figma, new users will have no difficulty in adapting
  • Web-based and supports SVG
  • It has the most basic Figma features
  • Collaboration feature for team with projects
  • Free to use, without any fee.

Penpot Disadvantages

  • There's no version control
  • New product, not as mature as Figma
  • It is still in Beta version, which is requiring user feedback
  • Not many plugins or community assets

Icons8 Lunacy

Lunacy - Figma Free Alternative

Lunacy is a user interface design tool offered by the platform that provides icons and graphics you already knew, Icons 8.

Lunacy Advantages over Figma

  • Support many design format that comes from Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Avocado, etc.
  • User interface that is very similar looking to Figma makes new users will face no difficulty to adapt Antarmuka aplikasi yang sangat mirip dengan Figma membuat pengguna baru mudah untuk beradaptasi
  • AI support
  • Integration with graphics and icons from Icons8
  • Terintegrasi dengan berbagai grafis dan ikon yang tersedia di Icons8
  • Gratis untuk pengguna individu
  • Free for individual use

Lunacy Disadvantages over Figma

  • Unlike Figma, Lunacy is a standalone app (requires installation, it's not a web-based)
  • Unlike Penpot, it's not an open source
  • It has a collaboration feature, but not free.


Wireflow - Alternatif Figma untuk User Flow

Wireflow is a design tool that focus on creating wireframe and user flow.

Wireflow advantages over Figma

  • Open Source
  • Many templates for getting started
  • Generates functioning code in real-time as you design.
  • Free to use
  • Most suitable for designing user flow

Wireflow disadvantages over Figma

  • Components are not customizable
  • It has no collaboration feature
  • A bit confusing
  • Again, just for designing simple wireframe and user-flow


Searching for the best alternative to a mature product like Figma is not easy, especially since Figma is a web-based application made with WebAssembly that allows it to have complex design features that are very light and powerful.

By far the best alternative to Figma is which is open source and with a similar interface and overall features.

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