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While platforms like dev.to, stackoverflow, and others have been long established, I developed and launched kodekativ.co to share programming and tech knowledge in many formats that's more organized and easy to find. I hope that you enjoy your journey here, sincerely yours, a fellow developer.


















A better way to be a developer

There has to be a way to become a better developer, join kodekativ.co and share your knowledge to fellow developers in many format that you ever wished.

Why you should join?

There are many perks and benefits that we can give you for 'why you should join us', but let us be humble enough to give you only three and let you the find others in your journey.

You own your contents

No one else own your content but you. You are free to republish them somewhere else, or republish them here. You own the right of your contents and the responsibility.

Share your knowledge in many formats

No confusion between a tutorial, a question, an article, a discussion, etc where those formats are `tags. Here, you can share your knowledge in their format and tag them with correct tags.

Receive donations from your reader

In your content view, on the right sidebar, on the bottom of the content detail, there are 'support me' section, each contain links to your donations via buymeacoffee, ko-fi, paypal, etc.
Community Contributions

Recent Publications

Our latest publications by the tech community personel.

Categorized Contents

Variety Formatted Knowledges

Easily find and differentiate information about programming & tech stack. Everything is categorized.


The tech programming insights, you will ever need.


Straightforward code examples to follow, copy and paste.


Teach you with proper explanation, carefully step by step.


Ask to get help, or respond a question from the others.


Explore packages of a framework or tech stack according to your need, quickly.


Find any programming errors, solve them quickly.

Topics on kodekativ.co

Browse various topics

Browse any insighful content to improve your knowledge based on various topics.

Roadmap, Future products

A quick glimpse to the future products or features that we want to include on Kodekativ.co.


Sell your online courses in video or text format and get 70% of revenue share. If you're a student, enroll to gain more knowledge.

Job Vacancies

Looking for hiring someone? Post on-site or remote job vacancies, let developers apply your job quickly.


Share your Youtube or Vimeo videos, per episode. Get feedback or interact with other developers right here, on Kodekativ.co.


Have tech or digital related ads to share publicly? Post your general listing on our listings section.

Meme for Fun

Sometimes a Developer Meme is what we need to put smile on our face, share them with others.


Got awesome portfolios to announce? It could be a Github Repo or a software you proudly develop.

Gigs & Services

Got expertise to sell, or looking for a developer with certain expertise to help you? Gigs & Services is the section you need.

That's all for now

That's all the list of products that will safely come to Kodekativ.co. We need your constructive feedback for each section.

“ Kodekativ.co is a complete platform for developers to share their knowledge and get perks and benefits in return. It is a shameless clone heavily inspired by the popular dev community platform, Dev.to. As a fellow developer
I encourage you to join me. ”